Why is the National Guard Staying in DC Thru Mid-March?

Per Tucker Carlson, the National Guard is staying in DC through mid-March.

I imagine these guys would like to get home.

What reason could there possibly be for this?  Hmmmmm?

If a Second Real Inauguration Took Place, Why Didn’t Anybody in DC See or Hear It?

Country Bumpkin just raised a great point in the comments.  She says:

As far as them having a “fake” inauguration, which I have no doubt was recorded, and then also a “real” one that did manage to take place, what about yours and others’ statements that those in and around D.C. did not see or hear anything that sounded or looked like an inauguration? Wouldn’t that be a fairly easy thing to observe even at a distance?

CB is right.  I checked this morning with my DC friend.  He’s now talked to over 80 fellow residents of DC, including more than a dozen cops, and he still hasn’t found anyone who saw or heard the inauguration.

He started checking because he and his wife never saw or heard it.

Which raises another point.  If they staged a second real inauguration, why did they intercut the real ceremony with the prerecorded one so that the video shows disappearing granddaughters?  Why not just use the footage from the real ceremony?

Also, if there was a second real inauguration, why did they resort to two staged Executive Order signings (see here and here) in stage set Oval Offices?  Why didn’t they just do a real EO signing in the real Oval Office?

And Why is the FAA Flight Restriction Missing For Trump?

Country Bumpkin also points out that MonkeyWerx, who tracks military and government aircraft all over the place for interesting insights, noted this morning that the FAA flight restrictions for Trump’s residence are gone.

These are always in place where a President or former President are living (Bush still has his in place in Texas, and there was one in Florida Wednesday for Trump).   Now there are none in Florida and none in NY at Trump Towers, etc.  And this is exactly why everyone should be following MonkeyWerx.  Where else would you find this out?

It happened overnight. MonkeyWerx and CB ask, where is Trump? It appears that he is nowhere in the US as of this morning.  Monkey has been feeling blue and suddenly he is happy again.

And that reminds me that a source (I can’t remember which one, and I’ve already deleted the post at my old website where I mentioned it) said Trump would be kept out of the country, in a safe, friendly country, while the arrests went down.

So now we have more evidence that the plan may still be on.  It may even be farther along than we assumed.

Thanks for the great intel, CB.  And thanks to all of you who have been posting great analysis or intel, even when you’ve proven me wrong.

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